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The Home of Widows and Orphans of I.D.F. Soldiers and Members of the Security Forces

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The IDFWO Organization is the representative organization working to support the care and welfare of widows and children orphans of IDF soldiers and members of the security forces who fell during service, since the War of Independence to the present. The organization aims to support and empower its widows and orphans, who have paid the highest price of all. The organization runs projects and activities throughout the year. It is the representative body for widows and orphans at the legislative level in the face of wider public, and it offers emotional, social, financial, and any other necessary support.

אנחנו כאן

Organization Activities

Otzma Camps

The Otzma Camps are for orphans from ages 6-18 and are held during the festival breaks on Sukkot, Chanukah, and Passover, as well as during the summer vacation.

Otzma Plus – The Empowerment Seminar

Otzma Plus is the general name for our community of orphans in the 19-29 year age bracket. This age group of orphans has needs that are different to the younger orphans, and they therefore require different services.

Medical Grants

IDFWO Organization provides medical grants to widows and adult orphans who require specialized healthcare. A considerable portion of the organization's annual budget is allocated to individuals who face such difficulties and have no one else to turn to for help.

Care Packages

Joining the IDF is a special moment for all Israelis, but holds particular significance for IDF orphans and their families. To show support for our orphans, we provide them with a special heavy-duty backpack with essential supplies they will need during their service.

Birthday Gifts

Every year, theTHE IDFWO Organization presents members with a gift for their birthday. The gift is delivered by mail to their most recent address as it appears in the organization’s database.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Delegation to North America

The bar and bat mitzvah delegation lets the orphans meet members of their peer group and become part of an actual community that will accompany and support them throughout their lives.

Young orphans
Adult orphans
Annual activities and benefits

The Otzma Project Is a program for the younger bereaved children from ages 0-30. The aim of all program activities is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the childrenyoung orphans, enabling them to develop resilience and process their loss through growth and enjoyment as they forge meaningful relationships with others who share a common experience.

מערך עוצמה

They are fighting for our nation and existence.

Together we must take care of their families

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